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  • Team, Agency, Idealism and Philosophy

    “When one speaks about a thing, she does so vicariously.” —- Cedric Nathaniel. Team Work I think I’m just naturally rebellious. I’m not at heart a joiner. I can, though, be a team player. In fact, I love where I work primarily because we have such a great team. However, I feel that a team […]

  • Christian Apologetics and Predication

    pushingtheantithesis.blogspot.com/2021/07/the-final-reference-point-of-all.html I enjoyed this essay of Christian apologetics. It makes a good point as to predication. In short, what he means by predication is that which enjoins reason to reality.  He is making the argument that one either predicates this end situation upon man himself or God. Aside from the strictly Christian terms, I […]

  • Post-nihilist praxis and pessimism: rehashing some old ground

    In the last few months I have begun to explore philosophical pessimism, although not in writing and not on syntheticzero. It might seem strange to do… Post-nihilist praxis and pessimism: rehashing some old ground —- I appreciate this writer’s sense of calmness and work towards clarity of his thought. Although I tend to move away from the […]

  • The Crisis of Modernity

    A very good essay-reading. It’s only like a half hour so it’s very accessible and easy to listen to. And does an excellent job as explaining the situation. Then, you might wish to segue into an essay published in the Journal of counseling and family therapy: An Essay Concerning the Possibility of a Unitive Theory […]

  • Current Deontology

    When we do not suppose that morality is created by thoughtful humans, as opposed to existing in-itself, then it becomes possible to read Kant’s categorical imperative (or his basis of deontology) as meaning that which can occur in no other way than it does. This reading seems to deny the traditional reading which sees deontology […]

  • Colonialism, Evangelism and The Intellectual Left

    Some Problems with The Intellectual Left https://jonathanhockey.wordpress.com/2019/11/20/some-problems-with-the-intellectual-left/ — Read on jonathanhockey.wordpress.com/2019/11/20/some-problems-with-the-intellectual-left/ I think this post actually describes the situation at hand. He calls it the “political left”, but it really has to do with liberal philosophical intellectualism in general. When we look at topics like colonialism, capitalism, religion, evangelism, and philosophical topics such as Heidegger’s […]

  • An Example of Argument which is Erected Upon a False Choice.

    Self-Care Puts Us on an Amusement Treadmill Self-Care Puts Us on an Amusement Treadmill — Read on benjaminstudebaker.com/2019/01/07/self-care-puts-us-on-an-amusement-treadmill/ Benjamin Studebaker, the author of the blog of this re-post, doesn’t allow for comments on his blog. so I am regarding his argument here. (I love his blog, btw.) Basically, my rebuttal is a rebuttal against his whole […]

  • Kant, Latour and Others: The Pass, part 1.

    Kant, Latour and Others: The Pass, part 1.

    Kant, Latour, and others: The Pass. 2/8/2017 Part 1. Sometimes, one is lead back into a certain truth that does not again circle back into various truths. For example; this computer that I am typing this essay on functions to allow me to make this post. But we will not yet, right this second, get […]

  • Aphilosophy, Convention, Faith and God.

    They have sat down for dinner. The philosophers are at the first table, the conventional methodogists at another. The philosophers are having bread and water that are hardly distinguishable from prime rib and Cabernet Sauvignon, and they are having a wonderful time. The methodologists have the best of the house and their conversation revolves up […]

  • The Problem of the Dialectic: Convention, Reality and Irony.

    The dialectic, as I have said earlier, cannot be taken too seriously. For when it is, the break that has perspective finds the levity that brings the truth of the matter over the impending doom. Yet when things have become so serious, it is only because I have been presented with my self and the […]