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  • Rp Reading Jung on Alchemy

    At some point while I was writing The Friendship of Mortals, the first book of the Herbert West Series, I realized that alchemy had intruded into the… Reading Jung on Alchemy

  • The Modern Complex

    Of all the archetypes and complexes that Jung and Jungian congregants entertain and uphold, throughout his system and work he routinely misses the most significant one… The modern complex. In fact, I could say that this lacuna forms the basis why the Jungian approach often misses the mark: His is but one manner among many. […]

  • Repost: Phenomenology of the Divine: Husserl and Jung

    x Edmund Husserl’s theory of phenomenology proposes that belief posits the reality of its object. Through this assertion, he announced something … Phenomenology of the Divine: Husserl and Jung — This is put together so well, I had to repost it. Enjoy ! Ps. Intension never finds, and individuation is never found: The Master Signifier? […]