He Got a Point…

It takes him an hour to get there…

Jordan Peterson has got a point.

…but now I got a handle on his theoretical framework, and I largely agree with it, strangely enough.

One apprehension I am having of his assessment is that he definitely appears to not address the contradictions involved with his conclusions at the various points of development of civilization; that is, he is missing a vital component: the present situation. It’s as though he leaves it out as a necessary result of history, as though it is empty. One gets this impression not because he hasn’t brought his argument up to the present in history, as in the video, rather, more because how he is being involved with his analysis of history. It is as if he just assumes that his assessment is involved with history. And it is this exception which I see shows what is missing, where the water his argument holds begins to drip out.

But, I’ll listen to the second hour at another time and I will leave my comments on that part when I get to it.

For the first hour: I think he’s nailed the problem from a particular standpoint.

But from what I’ve heard of his opinions, I think his solution might be lacking. But as I said, once I listen to the next hour I will make another post as to my thoughts on that.