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  • The Conventional Limit

    –from “Re-visioning psychology” by James Hillman. The modern idea of ownership permeates into every thing that we think. This preoccupation with one’s “owned” ideas manifests world as some thing to be or to have as owned. Hence we have the eternal problem for the modern individual which shows up in one instance as rational subjective […]

  • Psyche-logic

    —excerpt from Healing Fiction by James Hillman. c.1983 The question implicit of the object of the subject is not, like the usual phenomenologically subject-based philosophy, meaning; rather, the question is to what use is philosophy put? For what purpose is the Being of philosophy? Cedric Nathaniel puts this juxtaposition of view in terms of how […]

  • Nathaniel: Revisiting “On Vicarious Causation”

    … This excerpt from Graham Harman’s “on vicarious causation” from 2007 in the journal called Collapse (it is not difficult to find the PDF online) represents succinctly what Cedric Nathaniel means when writes that his philosophical work is not concerned with “what is behind the scenes”, what he generally ascribes to metaphysics, what he calls […]

  • Art as Fiction

    Art as Fiction. The difficulty Philosophers and Artists might have with the notions of “art” and “fiction” may wish to consult the psychotherapist James Hillman. Particularly his book Healing Fiction. In this book he outlines a distinction between history and fiction which is relevant to what Latour says of art.