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  • On Metaphysics, Objects and Decent Politics with Graham Harman

    This week I had a fantastic conversation with Prof. Graham Harman about his unique theory of Object-Oriented Philosophy. Our discussion was wide-ranging, we discussed Graham’s background, metaphysics, HP Lovecraft, art, architecture, Bruno Latour, cont — Read on thaleswell.podbean.com/e/on-metaphysics-objects-and-decent-politics-with-graham-harman/

  • C.S.P. is Doing it again… Interview with Lance K.

    With the (soon) release of The Covert Sound Philosophy‘s second new album “Clausal Proof”, some of us thought it would be cool to print some more of the transcript for the upcoming podcast on the the history of CSP and philosophy, and the odd coincidence of Music and philosophy. Click HERE for “Smoke n Butter”. So here…