Human Migration


I was doing some research for a school assignment and I realized that there is no organization that deals in human migration as a thing that humans do.

There are a few immigration centers of like the U.N. or of various countries, but that tells me that no one is really understanding the movement of human beings across the globe as something that human beings actually do.

It seems we have are various countries analyzing how people come into their various countries as though human beings naturally are supposed to stay in place now.

Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

It struck me just how naive and small minded we are in our manner of looking and appreciating what the human being actually is. Our problems could be based still in a tribal sense of mythological propriety which lives in constant denial of its own world.

I hope to be part of a group of people who are involved in the attempt to actually see the human being, what it does and what it is.


How ‘bout instead of nervous liberal-conservatism…

…how bout we grow some balls. How about we have some critical self reflection on who we are as valid ethical- global beings, or “nation-Being” as the case may be.

how about we get out of the nervous capitalistic wealth =power U.S. self righteousness and insecurity cast out on what the world is supposed to do; how about we absorb the contradiction and go down to Honduras, for example, and kick someone’s ass, so regular people can go about thier lives?

This “democratic-republican” self-righteous ideal of the United State seems to be failing, when we consider we supposed to be “Christian/liberal values”. Defending our boarder could be seen as a weak move of blaming others for our problem; a kind of projection. A kind of “you take care of your own shit” while we do nothing to take care of our own shit. Perhaps we pull our numb head out of our asses.

Why dont we just own it instead of playing the United States Of ironic Victimhood, and go kill a bunch of people for the purpose of allowing the rest to prosper in their own land?

Just a thought.

I realize this goes against the contradiction inherent in modern nationalistic liberal-conservative ethics. (Love everyone; but have borders)

But really ? We’re gonna allow national sovereignty to a nation that has no control over its own governance for a peaceful existence of its citizens. Do we walk the walk of ethics or just say what we need to to make lots of money for a few greedy fuckheads.

Let’s get over our Korean-Vietnam nervous trauma. Let get over our modern ‘can’t we all get along’ and grow some balls back. We can be our liberal – conservative ethical selves and still exert a strong presence in the world. This doesn’t mean we have to have fucked up walls around our borders, but it could mean that we actually go into countries and we say fuck you you’re an asshole and then we just make them stop being an asshole. At least try. Right now we’re kind of like you’re an asshole but I’m going to stand at the edge of the playground and let you be an asshole out there. Maybe we grow some balls again and we say no we want the playground where everyone gets to play and be happy and you’re the one asshole who fucking everything up and so we’re gonna kick your ass and make you stand around the fence.