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  • Repost: Phenomenology of the Divine: Husserl and Jung

    x Edmund Husserl’s theory of phenomenology proposes that belief posits the reality of its object. Through this assertion, he announced something … Phenomenology of the Divine: Husserl and Jung — This is put together so well, I had to repost it. Enjoy ! Ps. Intension never finds, and individuation is never found: The Master Signifier? […]

  • The Machine and Being: The Commons.

    “We must situate what has been left out if we are ever to get anywhere beyond repeating the same old philosophical tropes.” *note on the note: ‘They’ are those who are ‘in the commons’. {WIKI: Commons: – The definition from the Digital Library of the Commons is; “the commons is a general term for shared resources in which […]