An Example of Argument which is Erected Upon a False Choice.

Self-Care Puts Us on an Amusement Treadmill — Read on Benjamin Studebaker, the author of the blog of this re-post, doesn't allow for comments on his blog. so I am regarding his argument here. (I love his blog, btw.) Basically, my rebuttal is a rebuttal against his whole approach in viewing. An argument… Continue reading An Example of Argument which is Erected Upon a False Choice.


Power and other Unfashionable Philosophical Questions.

Due to the question of philosophy's Being moved to the margin for the sake of human necessity, some questions arise, likewise, necessarily. In the determination of Being, what is Being left out? Is the knowledge of things determinable? Is there an obligation in the knowledge of Being? Does history convey a requirement in the designation… Continue reading Power and other Unfashionable Philosophical Questions.

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The Impossible; Part 5. Existence and the Story of Death to Life.

Whew! Those Impossible essays really get thick. So perhaps a rejoining to a more approachable speaking. But hold on! The ride is just getting fun. I have been interacting through comments and replies with Dave, who writes the blog called "Big Story Guide". Our conversation is quite wonderful, so, just as I used our conversation… Continue reading The Impossible; Part 5. Existence and the Story of Death to Life.

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The Impossible; part 2.

I am offering nothing new. Yet, it seems that very few people have understood what has already been told. The fact that most people want and expect something new shows, in relief, that a new configuration of terms is needed, but I am quite sure that what is impossible again will be put into good… Continue reading The Impossible; part 2.

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Aphilosophy, Convention, Faith and God.

They have sat down for dinner. The philosophers are at the first table, the conventional methodogists at another. The philosophers are having bread and water that are hardly distinguishable from prime rib and Cabernet Sauvignon, and they are having a wonderful time. The methodologists have the best of the house and their conversation revolves up… Continue reading Aphilosophy, Convention, Faith and God.

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Issues and Existence.

I subscribe to a blog called "Bigstoryguide" where he author is involved with a running commentary as he goes through the Bible. Yes, the whole Bible. His blog he calls 'Jesus's death to life project'. I think he just got to the New Testament. I am not a Christian; I am not religious nor prescribe… Continue reading Issues and Existence.