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  • Another Philosophical Stab At Philosophy

    I’m going to take another stab at talking about something strictly philosophical. It has to do with the previous post, The repost of seven ways to read philosophy with my commentary of how I read philosophy, how I go about it. I’m going to give you the philosophy behind my reading of philosophy. I am […]

  • The New Philosophy

    The Moment of Decisive Significance took more than 4 years to write and publish, and it still needs edits. The Philosophical Hack the first and second parts took a little less time, partly because of how Nathaniel approached it.  Actually, The Philosophical Hack is not yet complete, so all and all, for all 6 parts, will probably take […]

  • The Unconscious Mind, Part 2

    Here is the link to the part one post concerning the unconscious mind. It seems obvious. An Unconsciousness seems to be a good name for what is occurring in oneself, as a feature of the mind: There is this, in a way, Whole Consciousness which is made up of parts which are functioning at all […]

  • Analogue vs Digital Philosophy.

    Sound and Philosophy. I am a music producer so I have some knowledge about sound and signal. If you are interested in what sound processing entails as a block of concepts, I imagine I might do a little bit on sound and philosophy in a post later. Or you could look on line. But here’s […]

  • Larval Subjects, the Impetus for Communication and the Common Thought of the Past.

    Prof Bryant has an interesting post today.  And it inspired me to comment, below: As I taught Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics today, I emphasized the manner in which so many of the virtues he lists are social in nature. Although we intuitively value many of the virtues Aristotle lists, I don’t think it would occur to […]

  • The Machine and Being: The Commons.

    “We must situate what has been left out if we are ever to get anywhere beyond repeating the same old philosophical tropes.” *note on the note: ‘They’ are those who are ‘in the commons’. {WIKI: Commons: – The definition from the Digital Library of the Commons is; “the commons is a general term for shared resources in which […]