Harassed for Living While Black. Share this post.

Black student is harassed in Boulder Colorado for picking up trash in his own yard.

Jesus Christ. If the other events across the country have not been offensive enough.

The only question that runs through my mind is what the fucking hell were these police officers thinking.


And here is there equally idiotic boss trying to cover his ass and showing just how dumb he is.

this is such an obvious and blatant case of being fucking stupid while white with a police officer uniform.

Please share this with everyone you know and get those fucking morons off of the Boulder police force

There is no bigger story here, there is no question about how it can be interpreted. The plain and simple fact is that police police officers are not the only people whose thinking works in exactly the same way.

We need to educate people to their racist ways of seeing and we need to get low functioning individuals out of positions of power.

Fucking hell I would clap their ears if they stood in front of me right now. Shitheads is the perfect word for those officers.

The New York Times release.