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  • Agency Is Gratefully Dead

    Agency is going through the same fits as religion. When Nietzsche regarded society around him at the time, he declared that God is dead and asked now… Agency Is Dead —-Aaaaand of course, my comment. I have never bought the idea that without some sort of God figure that everyone gets to do what they […]

  • Team, Agency, Idealism and Philosophy

    “When one speaks about a thing, she does so vicariously.” —- Cedric Nathaniel. Team Work I think I’m just naturally rebellious. I’m not at heart a joiner. I can, though, be a team player. In fact, I love where I work primarily because we have such a great team. However, I feel that a team […]

  • The So Small Quantum World

    Inevitably, in dealing with such small things of the universe, what once we saw as fundamental, such as atoms, electrons and quarks, indestructible at times and indeterminate at other times and conditions we may find that in their motions with defined opposites and semi-opposites, such particles will become eroded, supplying us with even more and […]

  • A Game Theory take on the question of God’s Existence.

    In an earlier post, I explored What I feel is a more sensible application of Pascal’s Wager to God’s existence. Now I am attempting one founded in game theory. Goes like this: I like what someone said: I am an apatheist. But my version is: God does not need my belief to exist. This then […]

  • Anslem’s Argument for the Proof of the Existence of God, the Disruption of Time, and the Categorization of Philosophical Behavior.

    I seem to have found a significance for Anslem’s proof. It may be that it is not significance for whether God might exist, but, as I have said, significance for how I present ideas. We will start with the rendition from Princeton’s site. I think they have a pretty good rendition there. Without all the strict logical […]

  • The One God/ The God of One.

    It is an interesting excersize:  The history of philosophical reductivim is written in the last half of history as a conflation of the Jewish ‘unknown’ and the Greek ‘Logos‘, both of which are really the only types of ‘oneness’ we are capable of perceiving: a completely unknown element (Judaism) that communicates to humans as singular and specific […]

  • Considering Truth and Reality. Where Science, Religion and Superstition meet; The Communicative Move.

    Considering Truth and Reality. Where Science, Religion and Superstition meet; The Communicative Move.

    Everyone has an idea of what is true and real. In fact, most do not see any difference between these ideas. Against this we have the notion of superstition, in the historical mythological sense. Superstition is the justification of faith, and together they form a basis by which the activities to solve the problems of […]

  • The Impossible; Part 5. Existence and the Story of Death to Life.

    Whew! Those Impossible essays really get thick. So perhaps a rejoining to a more approachable speaking. But hold on! The ride is just getting fun. I have been interacting through comments and replies with Dave, who writes the blog called “Big Story Guide”. Our conversation is quite wonderful, so, just as I used our conversation […]

  • Aphilosophy, Convention, Faith and God.

    They have sat down for dinner. The philosophers are at the first table, the conventional methodogists at another. The philosophers are having bread and water that are hardly distinguishable from prime rib and Cabernet Sauvignon, and they are having a wonderful time. The methodologists have the best of the house and their conversation revolves up […]

  • The Problem of the Dialectic: Convention, Reality and Irony.

    The dialectic, as I have said earlier, cannot be taken too seriously. For when it is, the break that has perspective finds the levity that brings the truth of the matter over the impending doom. Yet when things have become so serious, it is only because I have been presented with my self and the […]