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  • Tangent 4.12: Resonse to Mr. Adkins comment.

    * * * [This is an updated copy of my reply to Taylor Adkins comment on my previous post, Direction 4.10. Taylor Adkins has a WordPress site called “Fractal Ontology”‘ if anyone wants to check it out. There he has translated three or four of Laruelle’s essays on Non-Philosophy.] Right off, I am not totally […]

  • Direction 4.10: Jargon, Bad Faith… Part 2

    Since the previous post was rather long, and really could be seen as addressing different parts of the issue, I decided to re-post the second part of 4.5 as a part 2. This part continues with my question of academic jargon, and shows how the jorgonizers are making things much too difficult. I have then […]