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  • :: Michel Foucault PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSE (6): (un)tying the knots of the present

    Live-blogging reading PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSE, the new book by Michel Foucault. In the preceding post I began to discuss the different modes French … Michel Foucault PHILOSOPHICAL DISCOURSE (6): (un)tying the knots of the present

  • The Critique of a Mistaken Synthetical A Priori Knowledge

    If Kant gave us a first bifurcation, and Ludwig Wittgenstein gave us the second, then Michel Foucault gives us the third. From Foucault we have the subsequent “post modern” discourses which then evidences what we could call ‘structural’ bifurcation; which is to say, that which becomes bifurcated is the ability to have a view due…

  • Oops (title: Here).

    REPOST of THRE-POUND-BRAIN’s no results for ‘Cognitive Psychology of Philosophy’ and reply and reply, of Baker question, then my answer… (please check out his full essay and the comments if you are intreated in the whole thing) sbakker April 13, 2017 at 9:30 am “I don’t think I get it. So the racial theories of…