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  • Repost: Armageddon and The Altar of Techne and

    In this episode of Literary Tales, we continue our examination of science fiction filmography and pivot into the 1990s with the paradigm shift of … Armageddon and The Altar of Techne —– Pretty cool analysis. I’m gonna make my comment to Paul right here instead of in the comments of the actual post. There are […]

  • The Defining of Religious Space: The Secular Fanaticism of Indifference

    The Secular Fanaticism of Indifference The Secular Fanaticism of Indifference — Read on syntheticzero.net/2019/04/09/the-secular-fanaticism-of-indifference/ I think this links-post is right on the mark. But also… We see here the setting of an Age. I say this in a sort of manner with Zizek: We have a responsibility to leave such discourses to the context in which […]

  • Extreme Dialectic: Spinoza and the Term (revisited).

    “AS men are accustomed to call Divine the knowledge which transcends human understanding, so also do they style Divine, or the work of God, anything of which the cause is not generally known: for the masses think that the power and providence of God are most clearly displayed by events that are extraordinary and contrary […]