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  • Recycling and sound philosophy

    Something just dawned on me as I was washing the plastic cutlery that I got with my Noodles & Co food. Now, hold on Judge-mental philosophers. Yes I do live in a pretty liberal place, and, it does really bother me all of the trash that I generate. Which, actually, it’s not very much considering […]

  • Political human life.

    Hello. I feel like I made a really good point in my last post, so I wanted to make another post to emphasize it ! Human life is not something that exists outside of the political domain. Which is just to say, in so much as we have a government, and in so much as […]

  • Truth is a Dirty Word

    How do you bristle when you here about Truth? Ponder … It is not Becuase you are so intelligent or philosophically apt. Rather, It is because the notion of Truth informs the core of an offense which holds up your system of sense and ability. A logic of ideas supported by a fundamental and basic […]

  • What Happens When People Die with Debt: Who Pays?

    Millions of Americans are getting buried in debt, literally. A shocking number are dying with unpaid mortgages, car loans, student loans and credit cards. — Read on www.debt.org/family/people-are-dying-in-debt/ — I just found this on a random search about what happens to dad when you die. I was thinking about this because I have no one […]

  • Tommy Curry sheds light into a significant blind spot

    www.researchgate.net/publication/326919537_She_Touched_Me_Five_Snapshots_of_Adult_Sexual_Violations_of_Black_Boys How often does our morality paint a broad swathe over people as general categories ? And how often does this stroke fix into institutional norms which then reify and enforce social bias? Tommy Curry ventures into where the many fear to tread.

  • Work Ethic

    I was listening to an NPR. Something about food stamps and how there is a debate about how giving them encourages people not to work. Then Just crossed my mind… Who cares? Why are we caring whether someone works or gets things for free? I wonder if it really has anything to do with being […]

  • The logistics of ethics

    This topic seems to cross my mind somewhat often. I feel that if anyone is ethical, and considerate of what that is and what it means, eventually they would have to consider that it really has nothing to do with what one is choosing or what a group of human beings might opt for evolutionarily […]

  • Posting: On Idealistic Ethics, Nihilism, and the Analyticity of ‘Black Maleness’: A reply to Tommy Curry | Patrick F Bloniasz – Academia.edu

    (43) (PDF) On Idealistic Ethics, Nihilism, and the Analyticity of ‘Black Maleness’: A reply to Tommy Curry | Patrick F Bloniasz – Academia.edu — Read on www.academia.edu/45689398/On_Idealistic_Ethics_Nihilism_and_the_Analyticity_of_Black_Maleness_A_reply_to_Tommy_Curry — Comment-rely to come.

  • cancel culture and ‘bad religion’ – BBC News

    The musician believes political correctness online is having an “asphyxiating effect” on society. — Read on www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-53768254 ——- and of course, my commentary: That’s cool. On the other side of it though, I think the ideal where everyone just gets to say whatever they want and everyone is in awareness and excepting of their own […]

  • The New Philosophy

    The Moment of Decisive Significance took more than 4 years to write and publish, and it still needs edits. The Philosophical Hack the first and second parts took a little less time, partly because of how Nathaniel approached it.  Actually, The Philosophical Hack is not yet complete, so all and all, for all 6 parts, will probably take […]