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  • An Essay Concerning the Substance of Counseling

    xhttps://epublications.regis.edu/cftsr/vol3/iss2/3/ Abstract Our modern world appears to lack a way to find truth. Philosophically, this problem is formulated in a manner of knowing which never gets beyond the subject of the universe; even objectivity in the universe is arguable. The effort called empirical science then gives us conclusions that regularly perpetuate an unstable world. Due…

  • DOOM!! The AI created essay.

    nemesis.global/memos/the-doom-report — This is really amazing! Must read.

  • A Phenomenological Critique of Object Oriented Ontology

    HERE is a recent published journal paper critique of OOO. I think of the most salient issues that forms the divide between these issues, these ideas, is: Is though sufficient in-itself to achieve the object of argumentation? The answer, I feel, forms the pure reason which makes to divide substantial. I enjoyed where this author…