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  • The Veritable Counsel

    We are generally afraid of talking, let alone thinking, about truth. I think this is due to the terrible things that humans beings do under the name of truth. Truth is associated with narrow-mindedness and intellectual myopia, as well as authoritarianism and religion. Well, I seek to disrupt those automatic associations, to help with an […]

  • Science is not in opposition to ignorance

    Only by a certain orientation upon knowledge does oppositional categories have significant affect. I was reading a paper, part of the paper anyways, where the author talks about John Locke saying his work not involved with science. Just got me thinking. Georg Hegel, and many more philosophers for sure we’re trying to find some sort […]

  • Just gotta check in : Zizek on Ukraine (Translated)

    Farmers Letters: Zizek on Ukraine (Translated)— Read on farmersletters.blogspot.com/2022/02/zizek-on-ukraine-translated.html —— “form… is never just a form, it is part of the content…” The Two Routes translation: The content material always concerns the form, and the substance is that which arises, in once instance, as contradiction, yet in another instance as irony. The real attempt to […]

  • The Culture of Cultures: An example of how the explanatory term of mental health begins to account for all human endeavor

    Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man: 9781982141462: Trump Ph.D., Mary L.: Books — Read on www.amazon.com/Too-Much-Never-Enough-Dangerous/dp/1982141468/ref=nodl_ —– Just an example; perhaps motivated by a little Justice as well. 😙 Nonetheless; this is an example of how the cult of individualism is being accounted for sufficiently to only […]

  • Rp and comment on the Foundations of the Gospels: Q, L, and M – An Overview and Critique

    In the world of biblical studies there is the argument known as Q (and L and M) which asserts the common material to Matthew and Luke comes from oral… Foundations of the Gospels: Q, L, and M – An Overview and Critique —- Paul Hesiod, as usual, lays out a nice opening to the Gospel […]

  • What Do We Have?

    A philosophical method. I have an issue with conventional philosophy: the method it assumes to make its statement that the problem of the criterion is generally figured to be the main problem of epistemology, is a real philosophical issue. So, because we can indicate the method as redundantly involved with the problem it poses, I […]

  • Rp and comment on Chameleon theory (theories)… Everlasting worlds….

    Supercomputer simulations of galaxies have shown that Einstein’s theory of General Relativity might not be the only way to explain … Chameleon theory (theories)… Everlasting worlds… —– Real objects withdraw from view and relation. Real objects arise in this manner encrusted with qualities that come into appearance as to embody or correlate with the terms […]

  • The (w)Hole of Modernity

    https://www.academia.edu/36264960/Introduction_Exploring_Re_Embodiments?email_work_card=view-paper A tension arises between the human being and the world that is. Always, the formulation as an intensional act, is of overmining and undermining. Thinking too much of things toward a great overarching explanation, or thinking too little, into the minutiae of pieces and more pieces, as those might explain. In particular to the […]

  • New Material Law

    a = all possible material b = all impossibility of possible material. All the impossibility of possible material accounts for any thing that is not accountable as material. a+b = every real thing. Every real thing is qualified by either a or b. x = the number of possible instances An instance is a more-than-one. […]

  • Christian Apologetics and Predication

    pushingtheantithesis.blogspot.com/2021/07/the-final-reference-point-of-all.html I enjoyed this essay of Christian apologetics. It makes a good point as to predication. In short, what he means by predication is that which enjoins reason to reality.  He is making the argument that one either predicates this end situation upon man himself or God. Aside from the strictly Christian terms, I […]