I will have succeeded. 

If I will have gone through this life and contributed to the benefit of another while leaving no trace of my existence, I will have succeeded. 

This, sort of, statement of position is in constant contrast to the conventional human standard forBeing. Conventional humanity presently is manifested in an imperative of what we can leave behind, based in a religious belief that somehow I should leave a part of myself in this world for others to benefit from, as though I might leave an actual piece. It is an ironic statement of what trash is and how we deal with it. We leave pieces of ourselves everywhere and justify it by giant trash pits in far off valleys. Those things we use are manifested in a system where by we give credit to another person for the ingenuity and creativity as valuable parts of themselves.

Philosophically speaking, this is precisely the situation we have for philosophy.(lol) This is to indicate what is our modern condition by the postmodern apology. The postmodern condition is a condition of denial, of its full rejection of its modernist substance. This is so much the case that the arguments that would seek to rebut this can be shown to completely misunderstand what it means; I will show this in an upcoming book. Postmodernity is the attempt to retain what is modern as real substance, The effort to somehow recoup what is fading, to establish it in essential eternity. So caught up in its own agency postmodern agents attempt to leave some of it’s self behind as it views itself as essential substrate (techne), A valid and segregate kind of universal substance that can commune with what is beyond its immediacy.

The modern – postmodern dyad is a complicity involved in leaving itself behind through and by an essential meaning and identity , through substantial and directly conveyed definitions , even as this complex and diluted psychology would understand that this leaving behind amounts to the destruction of the environment. 

Some of our contemporary and significant philosophy, bring to bear the difference between presence and absence and the mistake upon those meanings which would assert definite and present understanding.

It is due to this potential already exhibited as the breakdown of possibility, that we find in order to speak about what was really occurring and what is really true we have to be able to discern understanding and reject the obvious misapplication of argument.