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  • Stephen Hicks: Cool Dude, but…

    Responding to Stephen Hicks and the Criticisms of “Postmodernism” Responding to Stephen Hicks and the Criticisms of “Postmodernism” — Read on iambobbyy.com/2019/03/03/responding-to-stephen-hicks-and-the-criticisms-of-postmodernism/ Glazing over his two hour lecture, I’d say this guy represents a good position against Postmodernism. I like it: It is an excellent showing of how conventional philosophy is indeed following it’s inevitable […]

  • Climate Change and Pascal’s Wager.

    In this Era of Prehistory, everything gets turned on its head, just like in the Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie… As I have put forth in various places a “turned on its head” version of faith in the spirit of Kierkegaard (somewhere in my posts Im sure Ive spelled it out, but I surely address […]

  • The Perfect Crime: Enchantment as Vehicle of Subjective Purpose. 

    Comment on this REPOST.. I’m not very familiar with this B guy philosopher that I hear a lot of here and there. (sorry I’m voice dictating and I didn’t really feel like going back and finding out exactly how to spell boy do they really lard lol) . I’m only going off of a quote that’s […]

  • What is an Object? A True Rebuttal to the Withdrawn Object.

    First, check out Hickman’s report: [I]t is not possible to clearly distinguish the inconsistencies of our notion of an object from the inconsistencies which are immanent to this object itself. The ‘thing itself’ is inconsistent, full of tensions, struggling between its different determinations, and the deployment of these tensions, this struggle, is what makes it […]

  • Meditation and Enlightenment

    Meditation or yoga is first giving reality to thought and then trying to transcend it. Enlightenment or gnana is, not giving any reality at all to thought in the first place. https://mokshaclub.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/meditation-and-enlightenment/ But this is still versed in a Spiritual mode, still conventional in its estimation.  Enlightenment only occurs from the conventional orientation upon objects. And meditation […]