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  • Reza Negarestani’s Complexity Critique of Unbounded Posthumanism

    Reza Negarestani’s Complexity Critique of Unbounded Posthumanism https://enemyindustry.wordpress.com/2019/03/20/reza-negarestanis-complexity-critique-of-unbounded-posthumanism/ — Read on enemyindustry.wordpress.com/2019/03/20/reza-negarestanis-complexity-critique-of-unbounded-posthumanism/ {tentative formal definition of the development of religious states} the basic situation of humanity as an embodied and known system is always “missed” by the system of knowing being human which does not recognize its own body (posthumanism), but rather posits the knowing […]

  • Another argument against the existence of white privilege: The postmodern “no exit“.

    There will be a few opinions expressed in this post. My main critique is that Jordan Peterson does not understand the issues that he is condemning, and so what sounds like intelligence is really just small minded opinion based upon an ignorance. Here is a post worth reposting: Originally posted on Cadell Last: Synthesis! Video: […]

  • Anslem’s Argument for the Proof of the Existence of God, the Disruption of Time, and the Categorization of Philosophical Behavior.

    I seem to have found a significance for Anslem’s proof. It may be that it is not significance for whether God might exist, but, as I have said, significance for how I present ideas. We will start with the rendition from Princeton’s site. I think they have a pretty good rendition there. Without all the strict logical […]

  • the Divergent Proposal.

    The other week I read a post that I believe was by Donna Haraway ( I could ne wrong) that was addressing something to the effect that was “the cresting and crashing of the Speculative Realism wave”, and again I was left in an odd sort of state. I don’t remember just what exactly her […]