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  • The Dealing of Philosophy

    by John Clark Philosophy is in decline. You hear it all the time. The evidence is regularly trotted out: fewer graduates; no jobs; no prospects; a … The Healing of Philosophy ——- Physician, heal thyself! I love this post. Not only is it a Nice reflection upon the situation, but I also think it indicates […]

  • The Issue of Modern Philosophy and Mental Health: Disease as Ontologically Basic

    xo In modern philosophy, only one argument is Being formulated over and over; it is only the terms that change. The basic and fundamental issue concerns if this is noticed or not. If it is not, then we have a multiplicity of issues which arise out of the individual’s immanent communion with transcendence. If it […]

  • Addiction as Materialist-Empiricist Ailment

    www.nbcnews.com/id/44147493/ns/health-addictions/t/addiction-now-defined-brain-disorder-not-behavior-issue/ Addiction is a conundrum. It’s manifestation is tragedy. Now, the recognition of addiction has a primary disease of the brain I think is good, but question we need to ask is: what good is it? I wonder what kind of money making opportunities open up because of this seemingly ethical win for the treatment […]