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  • Unexpection: Body or Embodiment: The Paradox of Modern Cosmology

    The paradox of modern ontological reckoning is always constitutive. The activity of modern academic theory is a reification that such constitution can be overcome or changed, despite its argumentative semantic content (see. Lyotard as well as Haroway and Barad). X —-referring to the previous linked essay by Thomas-Pellicer, Ruth, De Lucia, Vito (2016) This rhetoric […]

  • The “End of History” and the Renegotiation of the Subject.

    With the deafening thunder of Napoleon’s canons filling the air at Jena, the romantic story goes that a middle-aged university professor and … Kojève, Herder, and the “End of History” —– I have not reas Kojeve or Herder, so the following goes off of only Heaiods essay. What we are seeing, what we are involve […]

  • Vocalalization, Conceptualization, Symbol, Discourse.

    Habermas makes the significant point that the Modernity is noticed by a sharp and decisive distinction between the sound, the symbol and concept, that the notice of the distinction is taken in a direction which thereby places the subject in a position of lack and desire. The issue lay exactly there, in what is known […]

  • The logic of Two Routes in Application. A Discourse in Freedom.

    . The very interesting thing about this 5G (if not all of modern technology) Is that it means nothing less than volunteered enslavement. It is no mere coincidence that lately the nature of free-will is being commandeered by neurobiology: It is not that we are not or cannot be free, rather, it is that if […]

  • Navigating Climate.

    Navigating Climate Tragedy – via Jem Bendell Navigating Climate Tragedy – via Jem Bendell — Read on syntheticzero.net/2018/10/04/deep-adaptation-a-map-for-navigating-climate-tragedy/ My comment: “…That synthesis leads to a conclusion there will be a near term collapse in society with serious ramifications for the lives of readers. The paper reviews some of the reasons why collapse- denial may exist, in […]

  • The Rhetoric of Addiction.

    I was listening to This NPR report this morning: https://www.npr.org/player/embed/548867893/549401256 We should recognize by now that addiction does not merely affect a few bad people. We should understand that addiction is not only a systemic issue, but a social and cultural issue. Now days, only the most obtuse and ignorant people will be able to […]

  • Reality, Naivety and Addiction in 3 parts. PART 1.

    A Comment Upon Zizek’s Recent Talk in Spain, June 2017. Reality, Naivety and Addiction. *   I know that everyone likes to have an opinion, and they also like for everyone else to have an opinion – no; they demand that what anyone has to say is an opinion. I ask: What happens when someone […]

  • Clean Shave, by CSP – and other postmodern avoidance.

    What is the relationship between art and philosophy? That is the issue I treat. In “The Postmodern Condition”, Jean-Francois Lyotard speaks of this dichotomy in terms of ‘narrative’ and ‘scientific’ discourses. Emmanuel Kant speaks of the difference between Practical and Pure reason. And others also divide essential Being into dichotomous factions and never seem to […]

  • Considering Truth and Reality. Where Science, Religion and Superstition meet; The Communicative Move.

    Considering Truth and Reality. Where Science, Religion and Superstition meet; The Communicative Move.

    Everyone has an idea of what is true and real. In fact, most do not see any difference between these ideas. Against this we have the notion of superstition, in the historical mythological sense. Superstition is the justification of faith, and together they form a basis by which the activities to solve the problems of […]

  • Aphilosophy, Convention, Faith and God.

    They have sat down for dinner. The philosophers are at the first table, the conventional methodogists at another. The philosophers are having bread and water that are hardly distinguishable from prime rib and Cabernet Sauvignon, and they are having a wonderful time. The methodologists have the best of the house and their conversation revolves up […]