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  • The Veritable Counsel

    We are generally afraid of talking, let alone thinking, about truth. I think this is due to the terrible things that humans beings do under the name of truth. Truth is associated with narrow-mindedness and intellectual myopia, as well as authoritarianism and religion. Well, I seek to disrupt those automatic associations, to help with an […]

  • Fear itself is is based in transcendence

    Feelings are about the body. They are immanent. Emotions are about reactivity. They direct or tend. Thoughts are about transcendence. While fear can be understood as an emotion, it is also able to be understood as something which affects an otherwise functional (efficient) system. Fear is that which creates dysfunction through making its agency appear […]

  • Philosophical Dimension.

    @ it is possible to understand philosophy as having two dimensions. Non-philosophy thus is the philosophical ability to comprehend the use of the real object called philosophy. The issue that philosophy raises against this Confinement of its resources and agency, is that philosophy seeS itself –or permits a view that is itself –as without dimension; […]

  • Human Migration

    I was doing some research for a school assignment and I realized that there is no organization that deals in human migration as a thing that humans do. There are a few immigration centers of like the U.N. or of various countries, but that tells me that no one is really understanding the movement of […]

  • Navigating Climate.

    Navigating Climate Tragedy – via Jem Bendell Navigating Climate Tragedy – via Jem Bendell — Read on syntheticzero.net/2018/10/04/deep-adaptation-a-map-for-navigating-climate-tragedy/ My comment: “…That synthesis leads to a conclusion there will be a near term collapse in society with serious ramifications for the lives of readers. The paper reviews some of the reasons why collapse- denial may exist, in […]

  • The Extensions of Denial: Philosophy of the Real and Addiction.

    unfinished notes… On the possibility of philosophy: Philosophy, which once seemed outmoded, remains alive because the moment of its realization was missed… …This describes the same situation as ‘the philosophical revolution’… …The summary judgement that it had merely interpreted the world is itself crippled by resignation before reality, and becomes a defeatism of reason after […]