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  • Reposting How To Save…the world?

    “The function all expressions of contempt have in common is the defence against unwanted feelings.” – Alice Miller I read something the other day … How To Save Democracy —- very thought-provoking. The content, but also that there is 200 likes. It is a compelling argument, and very psycho analytical, to say that it all […]

  • The Four-year National Nightmare is Over!!

    CNN. Makes the call: Biden/Harris have won the 2020 election. Camala Harris. First executive branch woman person of color Asian omg yes elected in the United States !!! Yippie!! Thank God!! You can breathe now. 🌈. ….and the work continues. ✊🏾 x

  • To the things themselves

    I am finally diving into Levi Bryant’s “Democracy of Objects”, and I gotta say, I do not know why I hadn’t looked At this sooner. http://www.openhumanitiespress.org/books/titles/the-democracy-of-objects/ – This is not a big post; I was only reminded of my position: It is due to the current correlational episteme — not in spite of — that […]

  • Zizek’s Activist Irony.

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/voices/trump-hillary-clinton-populist-right-left-democratic-party-civil-war-a8975121.html%3famp Cedric Nathaniel wrote in his book “the philosophical hack” that is Zizek rides the line of contradiction, which is to say, he follows the road not taken that is determined by contradiction as opposed to that path which opens up possibility by rejection of contradiction. And here is the perfect case in point so […]

  • Block politicians on social media.

    Perhaps we will learn from our current administration here in the US the amount of chaos and general BS that can arise from a president being able to use social media platforms as he wishes. Perhaps we might have an intelligence and a motivation to make a law that if you are the president of […]