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  • Positivist Culture

    www.huffpost.com/entry/cnn-advertisers-rick-santorum-native-americans_n_60997c0ce4b012351604a9b2 Perhaps some people may not entirely understand the back lash against Santorum’s statement that “there isn’t much Native Culture in modern American culture”. There is plenty of Native culture in American culture, but Santorum is talking about (1) popular material culture, where we literally do not see very much representation of Native art in […]

  • The Zizekian Horror of Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” has

    The Zizekian Horror of Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” https://aussiesta.wordpress.com/2018/04/07/the-zizekian-horror-of-spielbergs-ready-player-one/ — Read on aussiesta.wordpress.com/2018/04/07/the-zizekian-horror-of-spielbergs-ready-player-one/ I might add another twist. The emancipatory narrative that accompanies a critique in the sense of some sort of ethical compromise or the “Hidden meaning” underneath the overt presentation of plotline and set, Can itself be seen as a posture which wants […]

  • Rockers Dying; An Insensitive Comment of Ironic Sensibility.

    Rockers love to kill themselves. Not one to rally to towing the line, just grant me the sane human compassion for people who end up making the terminal decision and act on it. I am going to present a view that I can imagine many will think insensitive. But someone has to be able to […]

  • Direction 4.5: Jargon, Bad Faith and a brief explanation of the non-philosophical project, its problems and shortcomings.

    The other problem with truth is that everyone already knows what is the truth. They encounter it everyday and what they know is sufficient for them to go through life with at least adequate contentment; the rest they can invest in church or their respective church-like elements of their lives. * I came off rather […]

  • Tangent: Bad Faith, Part 3

    Ok, time to get serious. One has to have the time, see, to get really serious because when one gets really serious, things tend to get really funny, so funny, that most people will hardly have the time, so serious they are about having such a little amount of time. But thats a joke. Bad […]

  • Tangent: Bad Faith, part 1

    In an earlier post, I suggest that Francis Laruelle, by his Non-philosophy, is in bad faith, ala. Jean-Paul Sartre. So I might do well by explaining what this means. One could easily come to a close idea of what bad faith might mean by comparing it to ‘good faith’. I would say that good faith […]