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  • Prime Example of the Thinking Inside the Box.

    How Zizek Should Have Responded to Jordan Peterson How Zizek Should Have Responded to Jordan Peterson — Read on benjaminstudebaker.com/2019/04/21/how-zizek-should-have-responded-to-jordan-peterson/ Here (Studebaker. Going forward “S”)is the perfect example of why Zizek tells us in the debate (Peterson/Zizek) why he can’t see a ways out of our dilemma. It’s great that S has such a high esteem […]

  • The Zizekian Horror of Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” has

    The Zizekian Horror of Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” https://aussiesta.wordpress.com/2018/04/07/the-zizekian-horror-of-spielbergs-ready-player-one/ — Read on aussiesta.wordpress.com/2018/04/07/the-zizekian-horror-of-spielbergs-ready-player-one/ I might add another twist. The emancipatory narrative that accompanies a critique in the sense of some sort of ethical compromise or the “Hidden meaning” underneath the overt presentation of plotline and set, Can itself be seen as a posture which wants […]

  • Non-Philosophy and Aphilosophy: Departure. An Exercise of Metalepsis; Spinoza and the term part 2; Laruelle and the Quadripartite.

    If we are steadfast in our undertaking we will not labor our attitude of righteousness. Yet, we likewise must not fall back into the comfort of the easy way. The challenge is to indeed be challenged, and not to again be presented with another variation of puzzle, for by now the puzzles are seen to […]