Tag: Critical thinking

  • Building Reality

    How shall we begin to construct a reality that is preferable to all? Even while we may not be able to see Truth, we can understand truth as something not to be afraid of. We no longer have to stumble in the conventional philosophcial night of alienation. We do not need to live in the […]

  • What are you talking about?i

    The more precise phrase is What the hell are you talking about?! As a theorist, philosopher, critical thinker, etc..have you ever gotten that response from someone you start talking to? I appreciate the ‘hell’ part of it Because it shows a certain moxie, a certain interest in wanting to know. Like my previous post “wtf […]

  • Non-Philosophy and Aphilosophy: Departure. An Exercise of Metalepsis; Spinoza and the term part 2; Laruelle and the Quadripartite.

    If we are steadfast in our undertaking we will not labor our attitude of righteousness. Yet, we likewise must not fall back into the comfort of the easy way. The challenge is to indeed be challenged, and not to again be presented with another variation of puzzle, for by now the puzzles are seen to […]