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  • Normativity and critical race theory

    apple.news/AAMsdATRIR9SSRpKGhegrZQ  The renowned and infamous critical social theorist and Philosopher Slavoj Zizek Develops a notion somewhere in one of his books about the significant issue of reality in the context of philosophy is not simply change, but a change in how we are able to reckon what change is– and whether or not we […]

  • A Timeless Response

    www.academia.edu/2635852/Shut_Your_Mouth_when_Youre_Talking_to_Me_Silencing_the_Idealist_School_of_Critical_Race_Theory_through_a_Culturalogical_Turn_in_Jurisprudence I’m not sure when Tommy Curry wrote this paper, whether he was actually writing it as a direct response to my paper that I published at academia EDU (see my recent post), or whether it is purely coincidence that he happened to publish this paper or it was put out on the platform just […]

  • cancel culture and ‘bad religion’ – BBC News

    The musician believes political correctness online is having an “asphyxiating effect” on society. — Read on www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-53768254 ——- and of course, my commentary: That’s cool. On the other side of it though, I think the ideal where everyone just gets to say whatever they want and everyone is in awareness and excepting of their own […]

  • The Impossible; part 2.

    I am offering nothing new. Yet, it seems that very few people have understood what has already been told. The fact that most people want and expect something new shows, in relief, that a new configuration of terms is needed, but I am quite sure that what is impossible again will be put into good […]