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  • Attachment Styles and some comment on mental health diagnosis

    link.medium.com/U5KISSiN4vb —– Cool little brief about attachment styles. I would  change only one phrase: it is not a diagnosis. People might be diagnosed with an attachment disorder, but the explanatory trope here is about styles of interpersonal attachment. They are ways to help people understand what they are involved with, what they are doing, to […]

  • To the things themselves

    I am finally diving into Levi Bryant’s “Democracy of Objects”, and I gotta say, I do not know why I hadn’t looked At this sooner. http://www.openhumanitiespress.org/books/titles/the-democracy-of-objects/ – This is not a big post; I was only reminded of my position: It is due to the current correlational episteme — not in spite of — that […]

  • Philosophy and Psychology as First Correlational Object

    Considering the possible relation I put forward in a recent post, philosophy and psychology might define the first object to its correlational universe. This would be in contrast to the Continental Philosophical theologians and the Religious Science congregants who perpetually wish to assert their own dominance over the object human; which is to say, an […]

  • Correlationalism.

    I just came across this essay by Levi Bryant.

  • Self-reflection Can Be a Bitch: X-phi – or, alienation as wanting to not Reflect. (In Despair to Not to be Oneself)

    X-phi – or, alienation is not correlation https://enemyindustry.wordpress.com/2019/05/02/x-phi-or-alienation-is-not-correlation/ — Read on enemyindustry.wordpress.com/2019/05/02/x-phi-or-alienation-is-not-correlation/ Thanks. finally some light in the intellectualized self-stigma. Over the past 5 or so years I have had a tiny intrest in, what I might call, the “dark ecologies” wing of philosophical speculation. It is a kind of morbid self-abuse I put myself […]

  • The Point of the Slavoj Zizek Vs Jordan Peterson debate: An Assessment

    Slavoj Zizek Vs Jordan Peterson: An Assessment https://aussiesta.wordpress.com/2019/04/27/slavoj-zizek-vs-jordan-peterson-an-assessment/ — Read on aussiesta.wordpress.com/2019/04/27/slavoj-zizek-vs-jordan-peterson-an-assessment/ Thanks Neotonos! I agree with much of his assessment.  He hits on some significant turns of the debate; Im glad, because I didn’t really want to assess a play be play. I’ll use this repost to give my final comments on the Z/P […]

  • Commenting on a Philosopher without giving him more undue celebrity.

    I had an opportunity this morning to confront one of my biases. This one was about THe-Philosopher-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named (TPNN for short). Look in the comments of my pervious post about Derrida for a short video of a piece of one of his talks. I historically disliked TPNN Becuase I feel he is missing a key component […]

  • Begin the Hack.

    Crack the alienated philosophical subjectivity. CLICK HERE to BEGIN THE HACK ! “…of course we can talk about snow, for example, talk about what it is, describe how it feels what it looks like, bring forth chemical structures or physical structures of snow all the various aspects of snow — but if you’ve never been […]

  • Navigating Climate.

    Navigating Climate Tragedy – via Jem Bendell Navigating Climate Tragedy – via Jem Bendell — Read on syntheticzero.net/2018/10/04/deep-adaptation-a-map-for-navigating-climate-tragedy/ My comment: “…That synthesis leads to a conclusion there will be a near term collapse in society with serious ramifications for the lives of readers. The paper reviews some of the reasons why collapse- denial may exist, in […]

  • A Philosophical Religion in the works

    A Quick Note on Patchwork Subjectivities A Quick Note on Patchwork Subjectivities — Read on xenogothic.com/2018/09/29/a-quick-note-on-patchwork-subjectivities/ When reason is upheld in its potential to apprehend the truth of all things, the result witnesses the philosophical movement of the 20th century: We find then that philosophy begins to replay itself under different terms. This replaying, seeing itself […]