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  • Why the Coronavirus does not ‘Want’ to Change Our Lives

    On Covid-19 and the Actor-Network Theory. How the Coronavirus ‘Wants’ to Change Our Lives ———- “of course the virus doesnt want anything…” The tack I now take is towards people not being miserable; I am not really anymore trying to explain some grand sense of the universe into which everyone must fit. But of course those […]

  • What Does Zizek Got To Say

    Every once in a while I just wonder “What does Zizek have to say about this?”

  • Why We Wear Masks.

    I just realized something about the issue of wearing masks for this coronavirus COVID-19 thing: People are selfish; that is the modern individualist way. The issue about the wearing of masks is or was around “Am I protected?” The big confusion around masks is whether or not I am going to be protected because I […]

  • Viewing Corona: Phenomenology and Orientation.

    HERE is a link to some current statistics that compare the flu and corona. The thing I think that video in my previous post marks out is that what makes coronavirus so incredible is that we are looking at it “in just that way”, which is to say, that we are seeing something through a […]