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  • 3 Types of Awareness

    Awareness is the state of mind in which one is consciously mindful of his or her physical body, mental states, circumstances, climate, and conditions… 3 Types of Awareness

  • Toward a Unified Philosophy of Counseling: Object Orientation

    In case you missed it. https://epublications.regis.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1027&context=cftsr Counseling and Family Therapy Scholarship Review Volume 3 Issue 1 Article 4 An Essay Concerning the Possibility of a Unifified Theory of Counseling Lance Kair Regis University, Department of Counseling, Division of Counseling and Family Therapy, Rueckert- Hartman College of Health Professions, lkair@regis.edu Follow this and additional works at: […]

  • Thought is not Thinking: A critique of philosophy.

    Much like “the history of consciousness” is not about an essential attribute of the functioning brain, like, we might associate consciousness with psyche, but is rather about the analysis of an appearance of what it is to be human in the world, so “thought” Is likewise not about what might be occurring in the gray […]

  • Reason and It’s Other

    Reason and It’s Other Reason and It’s Other — Read on retphi.com/2019/05/03/reason-and-its-other/ The example. Conventional philosophy insists that there must be a unitive reason in order for philosophy to function. I think that many people read “the questioning of reason” to mean that anything else has to be something “not reason”. I say that this is […]

  • The Ontological Argument

    Conventional Philosophy is marked by its method that I call the ontological argument. William Dilthey made a good statement that Wiki incorporates, which is a good example of the conventional project: “….[Dilthey] argues that ‘scientific explanation of nature’ (erklären) must be completed with a theory of how the world is given to human beings through […]

  • No less true for the religion of modern philosophy.

    Evola on Religion and Initiation https://elfnonationalist.wordpress.com/2018/10/03/evola-on-religion-and-initiation/ — Read on elfnonationalist.wordpress.com/2018/10/03/evola-on-religion-and-initiation/ This analysis of religion can be said to hold true when we look into Western philosophy. The issue with the “modernity” of philosophy concerns the two aspects (s)he ? talks about, namely religion and initiation. What is modern in the philosophical context, which contains a […]

  • ADSR Reality.

    ADSR is an anacronym for Attack, Decay, Sustain,Release. ASDR is the usual envelope protocol for synthetic sound manipulation. Synthesizers run off of a sound generating oscillator, The signal or tone of which is punctuated or instigated and perpetuated by the press of a key or a pad. The envelope that defines how quickly this sound […]

  • Philosophy and Racism.

    The other day, I commented on a post over at Larval Subjects. Someone replied to my last comment: Racism is socially constructed. Just like gender. They are just signifiers without a signified. Now how do you think you can explain and convince someone who doesn’t even know this kind of thinking exists? This is a […]

  • The Non-Philosophy of Francois Laruelle.

    From the Philosophical Hack (out soon): Laruelle’s is the ‘best’ conventional proof of what cannot be proven through the conventional method. I have already spoken about the distinction between Laruelle’s and my terms. Laruelle distinguishes his project by asserting a positive withdraw in reference to the real common occurrence of philosophy, to call his Non-philosophy […]

  • Analogue vs Digital Philosophy.

    Sound and Philosophy. I am a music producer so I have some knowledge about sound and signal. If you are interested in what sound processing entails as a block of concepts, I imagine I might do a little bit on sound and philosophy in a post later. Or you could look on line. But here’s […]