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  • Another argument against the existence of white privilege: The postmodern “no exit“.

    There will be a few opinions expressed in this post. My main critique is that Jordan Peterson does not understand the issues that he is condemning, and so what sounds like intelligence is really just small minded opinion based upon an ignorance. Here is a post worth reposting: Originally posted on Cadell Last: Synthesis! Video: […]

  • Consumerism.

    Just before I had read the comment that mentioned consumption which prompted the Comments on the Stoned Ape (the previous post), I happened to be listening to some NPR on the radio. That word (consumer, consume, consumption) was used a bunch in the story I was listening to and I began to wonder about it. […]

  • Comments upon The Stoned Ape.

    Hesiod over at Hesiod’s Corner made a comment about my The Stoned Ape post, to which I am posting the following reply: I hadnt considered that consumerist view upon this picture; it does make sense to it, and perhaps in a manner you may or may not be aware of. I am not sure who […]