Reza Negarestani’s Complexity Critique of Unbounded Posthumanism

Reza Negarestani’s Complexity Critique of Unbounded Posthumanism
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{tentative formal definition of the development of religious states} the basic situation of humanity as an embodied and known system is always “missed” by the system of knowing being human which does not recognize its own body (posthumanism), but rather posits the knowing of its own body as identical and contained with knowledge.

the condition is always described in the moment as a temporal movement from the basic moment as though the basis is itself an unrecognizable condition (the “post”-ideal is the denial that anything is not recognizable) and as though the disembodiment is a necessary developmental pregression of extension.

a contradiction defnes the polemical system of being within these parameters, while also pronouncing the space within which both (sub-) systems work or function as mutually exclusive domains. (Divergent complexity)