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  • Commenting on Medieval storytellers

    x The 12th century was arguably the most ‘storytelling’ century of the medieval period. If the Dark Ages – which were not dark at all – were centuries … Medieval storytellers —– I marvel at history and it’s commentaries. I love this guys blog; he’s always got really interesting stuff about the middle ages and […]

  • The Beginning of Two Conversations

    ———(1) ——— I think we definitely have to be cognizant that how we see reality is related to our evolutionary affordances. We see the universe as a primate from the Africana savanna, who has to use metaphors to understand the very small and very large, because we can’t conceive of them directly the way we […]

  • Subjective Overdetermination?

    The idea that everyone is having unique subjective experiences upon text may not be so significant as the issue of communication. It may very well be that we merely have not developed the terms under which such individual and primary experiences are allowed to be conveyed. Which is to say, to then see that such […]

  • Another argument against the existence of white privilege: The postmodern “no exit“.

    There will be a few opinions expressed in this post. My main critique is that Jordan Peterson does not understand the issues that he is condemning, and so what sounds like intelligence is really just small minded opinion based upon an ignorance. Here is a post worth reposting: Originally posted on Cadell Last: Synthesis! Video: […]

  • Ray Brassier Social Philosophy.

    the REPOST first : Originally posted on >ect podcast: >ect explores why philosophers are compelled to try to understand the social reality of which philosophy is a part https://soundcloud.com/ectpodcast/ect-9-in-conversation-with-ray-brassier “To really distinguish the ideal and the real is to understand how they are distinguished in practice, and not in thought – in what we do, […]

  • Analogue vs Digital Philosophy.

    Sound and Philosophy. I am a music producer so I have some knowledge about sound and signal. If you are interested in what sound processing entails as a block of concepts, I imagine I might do a little bit on sound and philosophy in a post later. Or you could look on line. But here’s […]

  • Reality, Naivety and Addiction; Part 2: Google and the failure of communication.

    (Note: These posts refer to Slovoj Zizek’s talk he did in Spain a few months ago; this one:   *** This ‘post-traumatic world’ that might exist in a utopian dream, if it were not for the naïve subject who is able to have a view where by hope can reside, does not occur within the […]

  • Considering Truth and Reality. Where Science, Religion and Superstition meet; The Communicative Move.

    Considering Truth and Reality. Where Science, Religion and Superstition meet; The Communicative Move.

    Everyone has an idea of what is true and real. In fact, most do not see any difference between these ideas. Against this we have the notion of superstition, in the historical mythological sense. Superstition is the justification of faith, and together they form a basis by which the activities to solve the problems of […]

  • Direct Tangent 6.9: A Word on Faith: An Appropriate Rendition of Francois Laruelle’s ‘Sufficient Philosophy’; The True Object, A Moment with Pierre Bourdieu and the Practice of Process.

    As a close to the Direct Tangents and segue to the next, this essay is a simple and direct stating of a basic series of the matter at hand. By ‘series’ i mean to refer to the structure of argument: points that must be understood as true in order for there to be an discussion; […]

  • Tangent 4.19: what gives? The possibility of Communicating.

    What gives? This is the question. In partial thanks to Mr. Adkins, his site translation of some of Laruelle’s writings, that these came up rather early in a Google search for ‘non-philosophy project’, as well his willingness to actually read a post of mine and then to comment on it, I am lead to more […]