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  • Cognition and Cosmology

    The main and largely unrecognized model for the human mental being is the Cognitive Model. In short, it says there is a Situation, we have thoughts about it, These thoughts are automatically associated with particular emotional responses, and we act or behave. This behavior is an interaction with the world, and this interaction is the […]

  • Is mental health the same as physical health?

    xIs it? That is to ask: Should mental health, its manifestations and issues, be considered the same way as we consider a physical body, which is to say, that all mental issues must reduce to physical fact ? If we can rely upon popular scientific knowledge then the answer is resounding yes! If this is […]

  • Drawing Lines….Part 2.

    The issue we have before us is the debate between the phenomenological field, and the empirical field. the age old debate between the subject and the object. These seem incompatible, and they are. The reason why they are incompatible is because of the nature of their foundations. As I explained in the last post, the […]