Disenchantment and the Long Game.

"...before we get to the idea of a disenchantment [that has always accompanied humanity in its existence, ] ...we first have to address the insistence of enchantment. Enchantment, in this context, is the view that what is teleologically sound indeed reflects an actuality of human special motion. This is not to say that humans have… Continue reading Disenchantment and the Long Game.


Metrics and the production of uncertainty

If there is 'nothing' that supports us, what happens?  People take advantage. REPOST:  It would seem that the aim of a neoliberal approach is to produce uncertainty which then stimulates competitive entrepreneurial activity. The more uncertain people are, the more they are likely to be pushed and prodded into value production. The presence of competition… Continue reading Metrics and the production of uncertainty


Oligarchy Disguised as Democracy

I am not convinced that we can diffuse the motion with the Internet: The Internet is a money-power machine upheld by moves for power.  Here's The repost:  He who says organization, says oligarchy. So wrote German sociologist Robert Michels during the formation of Europe’s big tent ‘people’s parties’ a century ago. According to Michels—a committed… Continue reading Oligarchy Disguised as Democracy