Chaos and Fulfillment

Proposal: That which exists, involves motion but no intelligence, is Chaos.

Fulfillment is the removal of philosophical suspension, the falling into utter practical idealism. That is, the “middle road” where Thought occupies subjectivity occupies identity is agency.

The confidence and surety of one’s cosmological place is fulfillment. It has nothing to do with Reason, argument or proof, for that which is fulfilled already manifests these aspects as unmovable.

It is thus the location, or where one looks to find Or have fulfillment, that is the issue. What could be called psychological orientation upon things. But this is not an issue of self versus other; it is an issue of viewing. Less about knowing, but the motion of knowing.

A world of immovable fulfillment where a centralized intelligence presides over everything else, as opposed to everything innate or inherent to intelligence, is a chaotic world.