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And I am drawn between.

I am an artist at heart, but with intellectual reflection. I am a philosopher in an artistic sense, rather than a ‘pure reason’ saint. My experience is not exclusionary. Hence my dilemma. In not only thought, but indeed act. Where it becomes the most difficult is in our Post-modern Marxist world of production. There is… Continue reading And I am drawn between.


The Latest Zizek, from the Guardian

https://www.theguardian.com/books/video/2018/oct/24/slavoj-zizek-tells-owen-jones-clinton-is-the-problem-not-trump Philosophy, as a capitalist apologetic disruption, is not ending, it is changing. As Zizek calls it, into 'cognitive mapping'. The 'end of philosophy', 'the end of history' or 'the end of the world' is from the intrinsic mythology within which identity knows itself: What it sees as its own change approaches, is its end,… Continue reading The Latest Zizek, from the Guardian