Why I Like Thomas Hobbes and You Should Too

Why I Like Thomas Hobbes and You Should Too

Why I Like Thomas Hobbes and You Should Too
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I was just Got picked on Becuase I was new. Somehow, I think we just make meaning to justify our individuality, but the reasons why kids get picked on has no reason: Some kids just get picked on. And those who do it don’t really know why the hell they do it either. I mean really, children’s brains have a minimal capacity for executive function; to say ‘their reason’ is really stretching what reason is able to be — And I imagine, so we can retain this ‘common human individual’ ideal: If they are human, then they reason; but somehow they cannot prevent themselves from picking on kids who are actually doing something ‘smart’. Where is the kid’s ‘reason’?

Maybe we could actually start limiting definitions instead of letting them flop every which way. Lol. Maybe we might actually begin to see what is actually occurring.

Also, I am no scholar of political theory, but in reading only the first part of Leviathan, I remember having the suspicion that he was describing the way things actually are despite what people think, more than he was really having a political theory. That indeed human beings exist in that way, having a ‘sovereign’ at all times which inscribes people into identity for a particular world.

But, I’m not a political theorist so I have little invested interest in trying to understand what I believe other people believe of their own political theories. 🧐. There is some sort of discrepancy in how material is read, and it’s seems there is no arguing at times about how this may or may not be the case: Becuase the ‘state’ has already ‘decided’ how one is to properly approach certain texts. Alienation is thus a product of the state itself, and perhaps no so much a common state of being.

Maybe. Who really knows though.