Kavanaugh: First Impressions

It is obvious that he is getting desperate. If anyone knows anything about psychology his whole presentation, with in the first one minute of his statement shows that he is afraid and responding with anger and very defensive.

Also, he is enacting a tactic, going on the offensive. He is obviously completely out of touch with what is occurring.

It is clear that he sees a conspiracy occurring toward him.

He is enacting paranoia.

His language expresses that he is hiding his past. But His professional record is not at issue; his character is. And it’s obvious that he has no ground in that area as to this accusation. Whether it is because it didn’t happen or because he is attempting to forget it, we do not know.

His truth is true to him, but that is Becuase he is blinded by his privilege. He is mad because his basis of position has been exposed.

As he proceeds he evidences his inability to have self reflection, repeated simply denying that he has done wrong.

Even his daughter told him to “pray for the woman”. From where does his tears arise?

I submit, not from sympathy for Ford.

Then he goes back to his record.

He is worried for his career Becuase he has been sold a bill of goods, a bill that is now being called in.

Will he have to pay it, Or will further credit be extended?