The issue is not Kavanaugh…

Bullies!! Lol. This childish high school I’ll puff my chest out further and I’ll be louder than you and I will push harder than you bullies. That’s exactly what this is about. Fucking grown-up pussies.

Because even if he doesn’t get brought in, we are still going to get a conservative judge. The issue is not about whether or not we get a conservative judge: The issue on the table is if we’re going to believe women this time instead of angry self righteous men.

There is no conspiracy. Politicians should just let the power struggle go and stick with serving America. That’s what I think 🐥. Congress: Do your job serving the American people and let things fall where they may instead of ensuring your power corner as if it’s bestowed on you from God.

The politics lay firmly with the Republicans. All of contemporary science and knowledge of human behavior as well as just political analysis show that it is the Republicans that are creating the ridiculousness. It is their defensive position that is creating the partisan situation we find in our government.

There is no conspiracy but that which the Republicans generate in there politicking.

But the thing is is that those people who know, have been through this for decades. They know we have a long road ahead and much of that long road is going to be more of the same.

If you listen to Brad he is not indigcting America America or theDemocrats or the system or the hearing with ford: he is disgusted at himself.

Avoidance and denial, lesson #1

Anger and attacking the person that is making accusation is often the first response of a person in denial against the truth of himself.

Notice how the republican senators acted yesterday at the hearing. They, and people like them are who needs to go. They divert the attention away from the boys club and the behavior that is permitted as an institutional maximum by referring to the very rules that support that kind of bad behavior, as if that institution justifies their behavior without their even having to talk about it.

They and Kavanaugh are indignant because their facade of righteousness is being challenged. And they feel their character is beyond reproach; but it is in question because they see themselves as insulated from such line of view, that they should not have to answer about their actions because their institutionalism is supposed to shield them from such scrutiny.

The basic truth is that they are immoral in areas that we no longer allow to be excused, and they are using the institution to avoid.

This is the issue we are up against: the Institutional sexism and racism of the American government.

I don’t know about you, but going forward, I’m going to vote only for women and people of color candidates. White men: if Kavanaugh is brought in, then you have lost my vote across the board.

I dont even care any more. 😛