Text of the Excerpt from “The Philosophical Hack” from the previous post.

The computer reading does not phrase the excerpt very well, and makes it a little difficult to understand. So for those who are interested in what Alice the Computer was reading, here is the text: “The speech act becomes a symbolic Event if and when its occurrence restructures the entire field; although there is no… Continue reading Text of the Excerpt from “The Philosophical Hack” from the previous post.


Excerpt from the Upcoming “The Philosophical Hack.”

An excerpt from my upcoming book "The Philosophical Hack": Deleuze through Zizek about the speech act and the Event.     (This is a test of this voice feature of Word and iTunes.  I think going forward, I will slow down Alice's cadence. And perhaps look to an app that does this text to voice… Continue reading Excerpt from the Upcoming “The Philosophical Hack.”


The Moment of Decisive Significance.

Do we really understand human nature? Can we generalize humanity into a common nature? What is modern philosophy? What is religion? Is it all 'relative'? "...Through a truly unique telling of the Gospels... Lance Kair confronts philosophical assumptions that have accompanied philosophical and religious approaches alike through the ages." -Cedric Nathaniel. - "No longer are… Continue reading The Moment of Decisive Significance.

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‘Absolution’, out soon. 

My latest book "Absolution: The Moment of Decisive Significance" will be out soon. This book offers an alternate reading of the Gospels.  It is not necessarily a spiritual  interpretation, but instead offers a meaning that requires no fantastic or supernatural recourse for its sense. It suggests that the Gospels offer insight into the nature of… Continue reading ‘Absolution’, out soon.