The Hierarchy of Needs: Maslow and the Blackfoot

I just came across this, and it is truly amazing. The ignorance that has been conveyed to me as knowledge.

Yes; self-actualization is needed. But it is not an end element. It is embedded in the context and ability of the culture itself. The self-actualized individual less communes with some transcendent other to arrive at immanent authenticity to then have gained some sort of inspiration or avenue of intuition through which to proclaim upon the worlds new order of things. This as an end result of Being.

Quite the contrary: It is but the beginning.

The enlightenment into self-actualization (for a term) is brought about through the cultural context for the purpose of giving toward the Maintanence and growth of the community.

Maslow was just following his cultural norm by never being self actualized in this sense, as this could be a cause for why No one could ever achieve his criteria for what self-actualization could be: because such criteria was assumed to be something that arises outside of culture, as if culture was something beneath the self-actualized individual. 

Modern society presumes that self actualization should actually occur after one is dead. This is the concept of having invested with the totality of meaning and purpose that is God. This concept that I am loosely transcribing as “self actualization” and using Maslow in this regard, is viewed as a stigma, and outcast, a mystery that lies along the edges of any modern discourse. Something that should never be achieved in one’s lifetime; it is a sin of presumed lack of humility. It is shunned by society and look down upon. It is regarded with fear and apprehension.

But does not does make a lot of sense considering the values of our modern society? For, can’t we look to somewhat recent history and find out what such “self actualization” actually becomes? Less the great liberators that Maslow would want to point to and more the totalitarian dictators of the industrial war machine, whether it be through tanks and guns or through capital.

The self actualized person in our society it’s supposed to be a savior, and so any person that would presume to be self actualized necessarily feel some sort of large burden to transform society into something else, something that it isn’t. Individualism taken to an ideoligical justification of absolute transcedence.