Untitled. Morality. Maybe. United States. World. Election. Wtf? Idk? Being Human?

I’m not sure what to call this post. I started thinking about Trump. And then I started thinking about what my impression of Trump has been pretty much my whole life, which has never been favorable. I’ve never had a good impression of Trump since he has been involved in my awareness through life. He’s from A very wealthy family, and every media thing I can remember about him has shown him to be a moron and an idiot in my opinion. Even his show “the apprentice” Was just entertaining because he was such a moron. It wasn’t that he is such a great boss or such a great executive. It’s because he was an idiot. That’s why people love that show. It was because he’s a complete moron, who acts like a baby who acts like he’s a confident grown man.

OK. So now you know where I stand on Trump. So my question going into this post was or is: how can people see anything good in this guy?

I think that’s the main mind blowing experience that we in America, if not the world, I have been having about Trump being elected president. It literally is as though what I saw as just human and just common sense, was nonsense. It was literally as if I had been transported into an alien world.

We all react to it in different ways. For sure. But in the end, we have to come to terms with that indeed maybe 40% of the United States likes him as a president. We have to reconcile that truth and we have to except it and we have to understand it. And Deal with it. No matter how incredible it is.


I don’t know what to title this post because it’s not really about Trump, but as soon as I say Trump then everyone’s going to have their attitudes about it.

But it is kind of about Trump in so much as why would people like him as a president. It seems that the people I’ve talked to who are Trump supporters, which isn’t very many, granted, Personally I think I know as friends for people, but then I have friends who also know Trump supporters and so I’ve heard kind of secondhand the opinions through them, again, which is probably a little bit skewed. But that’s what I got.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. 

It seems to me that people who support trump see him as a type of human being of which we all are, which is to say, self-centered, don’t really want to hurt anybody, have their own opinion, feel that humanity is what we’re concerned with and not really anything else, for example, we’re not really worried about some abstract concepts like “the world”.  and that human beings are fallible. That regardless of what opinions we have, we all make mistakes, we all have attitudes that probably aren’t the best, we all do things that are, for a better word, human.

And I wonder if this is why people voted for Trump and like trump. I wonder if just upon feeling accused they start to bring in policy and character, for example, he just speaks his mind. I wonder, though, if it’s really because the people who vote for him see in him themselves, which is to say as a human being. And nothing more. They don’t expect him to have any standard of morality, because they themselves don’t want to have to answer to anyone else about their opinions on morality. They don’t really account for his character except to say that he has his own opinions, because they themselves don’t want to have to account for why their opinions should have any moral substance besides their own opinions. In short, the people that probably think the least so far is intellectually about themselves and the world around us, if I can totally stereotype and overgeneralize there, are the people that hang onto the idea of “human” as a particularly abstract concept in its largest and greatest sense. Perhaps as Trump supporters they want their humanity to be untouched, and not critiqued, they don’t want to have to have any insight or justify their behavior is in any way. They see the system of the United States as ultimately about the individual, and ultimately that when it comes down to it the individuals should be left to themselves, and not questioned except so far as a leader can help other individuals to make money so they can go water skiing so they can have a house over their head so they can raise their children. Any other considerations, maybe, they don’t see as concerning government, but particularly only being a human being citizen of the United States.

—- please tell me what you think of that analysis.

Because, on the other hand, I think what won out, the people that live in the cities primarily, the people that have to interact with difference every moment of their lives, the people that prevailed in this election, are the people who do want to be questioned or at least are used to it, who do want to be insightful, who do you want to encounter other than us and feel uncomfortable and being challenged and do consider vital components of governance having to do with character and the world and these concepts that seems so abstract, but yet are so concrete and real in our daily lives.  

Is the United States going to shit?

It is amazing to me that people I know, people who I consider my friends, actually feel and express their opinion that the United States is going to shit because of…X.

It doesn’t matter what the “X“ is. I’m just amazed that people who are my friends who I consider pretty intelligent people 😜 Actually have the opinion that this country is going to shit because of… THOSE people. Those people being the people that are stupid or that are bringing this country down.

I feel compelled to discuss with them, to question along a certain line, rather than just tell them and argue with them. And this line that I discuss with them Is really that the very idea that ‘this country is going to shit because of “those people”’ is most probably the reason why the country might actually be going to shit. And so you, my friend, who are thinking that those dang Trump supporters, or even my friends who say, those people who don’t support trump — because I do have friends who support Trump — both of you people are missing the mark of the United States and I submit that that is why the country is probably going to shit.

My point is is that this United States system of government is made to hold difference. Our system of democracy in the United States is constructed to allow for difference. That’s what it is. That’s what the greatness of the United States is. It is that the system allows for such an incredibly diverse and polemical amount of difference, of kind as well as belief, and indeed holds it that that we are a great country.

And when people start, for whatever reason, pointing at other people, people who do not believe or think the same way that they do, as a reason why this country is going to shit, those finger pointers should be looking at the other three fingers that are pointing right back at them.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that when you point a finger at someone else you got three more pointing back at you.

And so my political comment right now is that we have to believe in the American system more than we believe in how fucked up someone else is and how absolutely righteous I am.

The United States is “us”. The United States contains both “we and them”; that is the strength of our system. That’s what makes the United States great, because within the United States as a citizen of the United States no matter what you think, if you are a citizen of the United States then you are us. And as long as we both remember that then it is Us who are allowing for this great country to thrive.

Not us against “those people”. 

When I think I’m so great, and that some other citizen of the United States is stupid and is the reason why this country is falling apart, Then I am really the one that is responsible for this country falling apart.

It may well be that it is not a system that fails, But human beings who are unable to separate their own views from a functioning of a system. and this is to say that people routinely view their thinking and emotions as part of the same function, the same ontological function, as if it is a righteous and proper manifestation of truth.

Yet, perhaps, systems that would otherwise function might not serve their purpose when it comes right down to it because people simply will not allow it. They won’t allow it because they will not be able to see the system functioning for itself. Which is to say, that their emotions will cloud what the reason is telling them is the functioning of the system, for example, tradition, history, values. Instead of seeing a system functioning to hold difference, people will see that the system itself depends on a certain set of emotional connections.

And that may be the reason for the fall of civilizations themselves.

What do you think?