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  • Rp: The Evolution of Biblical Criticism

    As a former grad student in theology, the history of theological education can be broken up into two genres: theology (as a philosophic-intellectual … The Evolution of Biblical Criticism

  • Rp and comment on the Foundations of the Gospels: Q, L, and M – An Overview and Critique

    In the world of biblical studies there is the argument known as Q (and L and M) which asserts the common material to Matthew and Luke comes from oral… Foundations of the Gospels: Q, L, and M – An Overview and Critique —- Paul Hesiod, as usual, lays out a nice opening to the Gospel […]

  • Passing on a Dire Celebration: An incomplete engraving

    x At the entrance to the temple of Apollo at Delphi, stood written the words gnōthi seauton, know thyself. But anyone who’s read Dante Alighieri … An incomplete engraving —– The day that Christ is born is a darkness broken only by the light of a star. The wise men are beckoned by that star, […]

  • The Moment of Decisive Significance: Enlightenment and the Christ Moment

    The moment of enlightenment is only initially an awareness of being. After that moment it is an awareness of how so few are aware. The real issue of enlightenment has to do with what comes after. When we understand Christ in its proper scope, we see that ‘enlightenment’ is the attempt by the individual to […]

  • Interesting parallel to philosophy in biblical analysis

    The Universe As Our Grand Temple, by DONOVAN DAVID CLARK The Universe As Our Grand Temple, by DONOVAN DAVID CLARK — Read on inmateblogger.com/2019/01/16/the-universe-as-our-grand-temple-by-donovan-david-clark/ Interesting. Decided to re-post it. Make of it what you will.

  • Omega Readers…

    I just Put out a paperback version of “The moment of decisive significance: A heresy” For the purpose of allowing people who would want to read it but don’t want to buy it for 40 bucks. This paperback version I put on super discount so it’ll be like $10 to your door. I will also […]

  • The Story; On the Big Story: An Aphilosophical Non-philosophical Philosophical Rendition.

    Let’s see how much people like stories. I investigate here the Big Story of the Bible as it may concern human history. I will try to fill in the Story with what I see as human course. In a way, it is a story of the Big Story, which amounts, I guess, to a type […]

  • Considering Truth and Reality. Where Science, Religion and Superstition meet; The Communicative Move.

    Considering Truth and Reality. Where Science, Religion and Superstition meet; The Communicative Move.

    Everyone has an idea of what is true and real. In fact, most do not see any difference between these ideas. Against this we have the notion of superstition, in the historical mythological sense. Superstition is the justification of faith, and together they form a basis by which the activities to solve the problems of […]

  • The Impossible; Part 5. Existence and the Story of Death to Life.

    Whew! Those Impossible essays really get thick. So perhaps a rejoining to a more approachable speaking. But hold on! The ride is just getting fun. I have been interacting through comments and replies with Dave, who writes the blog called “Big Story Guide”. Our conversation is quite wonderful, so, just as I used our conversation […]

  • Issues and Existence.

    I subscribe to a blog called “Bigstoryguide” where he author is involved with a running commentary as he goes through the Bible. Yes, the whole Bible. His blog he calls ‘Jesus’s death to life project’. I think he just got to the New Testament. I am not a Christian; I am not religious nor prescribe […]