Belief and Ability.

I was ponderIng the relationship between a persons beliefs and their ability in mind of the situation of the baker that said she would not bake a cake for a homosexual occasion. Or something like that. And so he was brought to court and it's a big case. Now whenever I hear this story… Continue reading Belief and Ability.

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The Fallacy of Belief: modernity and its tells. This guys seems to do a pretty good job of laying out some flaws in Christian thinking. via The Ridiculousness of some Christian Arguments — Christianity Simplified Comment: Notice that his argument is being made against claims of another theorist in the debate. One should ask how it is possible that he can move from… Continue reading The Fallacy of Belief: modernity and its tells.

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Real Belief.

Food For Thought | Who Believes What Today?Sunday’s food for thought love, sunday vibes, thoughts, Zizek, who believes what today, Inspiration, Food For Thought, lifestyle Such a great little excerpt. But I think it leaves out, Or Zizek doesnt finish his thought, gets side-tracked in the middle of his point : We might already… Continue reading Real Belief.

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The Impossible. Part 1; If/Then.

The impossible can be discovered along many significant vectors of reality as limit. The particular discussion that contains or otherwise accounts for the various vectorial meanings is ironic; it is the event that begins the count, that can be said to to be a basis upon which a linking of meaningful terms is made that… Continue reading The Impossible. Part 1; If/Then.

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Post-post-modern-modernism: The Mistake of Irony; Or, The Ironic Mistake.

Perhaps a little bitty on postmodernism and the, what could be labeled of our current situation, post-post-modern-modernism. Here are a couple links that roughly define the conventional problem I will address in this essay. The first is a little less ridiculous than than the second. The first offers us an argument for why postmodernism is… Continue reading Post-post-modern-modernism: The Mistake of Irony; Or, The Ironic Mistake.

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Issues and Existence.

I subscribe to a blog called "Bigstoryguide" where he author is involved with a running commentary as he goes through the Bible. Yes, the whole Bible. His blog he calls 'Jesus's death to life project'. I think he just got to the New Testament. I am not a Christian; I am not religious nor prescribe… Continue reading Issues and Existence.