Power and other Unfashionable Philosophical Questions.

Due to the question of philosophy's Being moved to the margin for the sake of human necessity, some questions arise, likewise, necessarily. In the determination of Being, what is Being left out? Is the knowledge of things determinable? Is there an obligation in the knowledge of Being? Does history convey a requirement in the designation… Continue reading Power and other Unfashionable Philosophical Questions.


The Machine and Being: The Commons.

"We must situate what has been left out if we are ever to get anywhere beyond repeating the same old philosophical tropes." *note on the note: ‘They’ are those who are ‘in the commons’. {WIKI: Commons: - The definition from the Digital Library of the Commons is; "the commons is a general term for shared resources in which… Continue reading The Machine and Being: The Commons.

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Further on Faith; A Reflection.

Im gonna step a little closer to home here, just for a moment, and offer what could be considered a fictional account of life in experience. A word on faith. "Where I am offended, I have faith." I have difficulty with a faith that must be worked for, as if some times I have faith… Continue reading Further on Faith; A Reflection.

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Direction 5.18: Recant and Reoccasion.

I am a bit hard-headed. I think most critical thinkers/philosophers are. I find this the best basic method for my endeavor, which is a grounding of my experience in discourse. In this effort I have come across, what I could call, using the most true, and possibly non-philosophical sense of the term, guru that have… Continue reading Direction 5.18: Recant and Reoccasion.

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Direct Tangent 4.28: What can I say ? Part 1.

Its about time I get to the point. I have spent plenty of time talking around the issue. I have talked about Bad Faith and mentioned the issue, I've talked about aspects of the issue and indicated that all this has to do with the reason why Laruelle seems bogged down in jargon. I feel… Continue reading Direct Tangent 4.28: What can I say ? Part 1.