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  • Reposting Badiou’s IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS: summary, stakes, connections

    In this video I present a summary and commentary on Badiou’s THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS, the third volume in his BEING AND EVENT TRILOGY, in the form of… Badiou’s IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS: summary, stakes, connections

  • The New Philosophy

    The Moment of Decisive Significance took more than 4 years to write and publish, and it still needs edits. The Philosophical Hack the first and second parts took a little less time, partly because of how Nathaniel approached it.  Actually, The Philosophical Hack is not yet complete, so all and all, for all 6 parts, will probably take […]

  • Orientation and Meaninglessness

    An event is a mark of where meaning takes the place. ‘The place’ can be anything, from a positive known-unknown, such as ignorance, to a negative unknown-unknown, such as a thing in-itself. These instances correspond to Badiou’s event as well as Zizek’s, respectively. An event is a lacuna begun on one side of the sentence […]

  • Harman’s review of Badiou’s seminar on Lacan

    my review of Badiou’s seminar on Lacan https://doctorzamalek2.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/my-review-of-badious-seminar-on-lacan/ — Read on doctorzamalek2.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/my-review-of-badious-seminar-on-lacan/ Of course Harman does a great job at giving us a view into this book. Nevertheless, I have so many comments that span the presentation itself: into What we can see of Lacan through Badiou; What we can see of Lacan and Badiou […]

  • BADIOU ON SPINOZA (5) : what is the interest?

    BADIOU ON SPINOZA (5) : what is the interest? https://terenceblake.wordpress.com/2018/09/03/badiou-on-spinoza-5-what-is-the-interest/ — Read on terenceblake.wordpress.com/2018/09/03/badiou-on-spinoza-5-what-is-the-interest/

  • Problematizing Whiteness; Correlation and the Two Routes.

    In my very early and preliminary reflections on whiteness and being white it seems obvious to me that two issues are present in the philosophical reckoning. 1) The theoretical postmodern maxim of discursive reality. And 2) The fact that no human Being is actually white. At best, even an albino is not truly white. If […]

  • Anslem’s Argument for the Proof of the Existence of God, the Disruption of Time, and the Categorization of Philosophical Behavior.

    I seem to have found a significance for Anslem’s proof. It may be that it is not significance for whether God might exist, but, as I have said, significance for how I present ideas. We will start with the rendition from Princeton’s site. I think they have a pretty good rendition there. Without all the strict logical […]

  • Materialism And Nihilism. (or: What is Philosophy?)

    We have to be careful when mining resources from traditional discourse. I have proposed here and there that we need to clean up philosophical discussion, and so I’m going to give an example, a brief and not exhaustive nor rigorously thorough, rendition of what I mean when I say we have to clean up philosophy. […]

  • Repetition and Repetition. 

    Below is a post by Levi Bryant. Part of my one-sided interaction with him is a sort of incredulousness towards the situation wherein Mr. Bryant has found his kind of Speculative Realism; whatever title he may want to put to it, it appears that all of these SR authors (or whatever Realist projects have replaced […]

  • Love and the Truth Procedure (second try)

    This post is my attempt to answer the question that Agent Swarm put forth in his recent post, which I reposted just before this post.  Q: “Why is the truth procedure that includes love called “love”?, which should not go without saying. Why should “love” (the truth procedure) include psychoanalysis but not religion? Q: “Why […]