The state of mental health: The two different approaches to Music production.


There are two mutually exclusive approaches to music production.

One, which is mostly taught and presented as though it is the way which achieves the best of what is musical, attempts to record a closest to perfect as possible reproduction of each individual instrument in a group and then to mix the group of instruments together so that the in the final production each instrument can be heard individually in the space-fabric of the musical recording.

Another is just about making a piece of art made of sound.

Is playing an instrument precisely and intentionally the mark of a better player? Is recording the ‘natural’ sound of the actual instrument a better production?

If we are looking around now days, the answer is decidedly ‘Yes’, and I think It could represent or symbolize a movement of humanity in the west to want to be more sure of things, what they are and what place we have with them.

People, it seems from philosophy and the world in general, do not want to question authority, or “the accurate rendering”, and I would submit, as a guiding feeling, people see that the questioning of authority as a blanket effort should not be undertaken. I would say that most people assume that questioning anything at all should be done in consideration of the truth of what is already established as a foundation, and that the foundation should not never be questioned. This maxim for discovery is so ubiquitous now to the point of not being able to question the foundation, that such questions are automatically understood as a kind of insanity.

We might even then move to show a true cause for the upsurge in intrest of mental health. Because it is now seen that it is much easier to advocate for a “healthy mental state” than it is to address the state upon which mental health is established, perhaps. . .

Metrics and the production of uncertainty

If there is ‘nothing’ that supports us, what happens?  People take advantage.

It would seem that the aim of a neoliberal approach is to produce uncertainty which then stimulates competitive entrepreneurial activity. The more uncertain people are, the more they are likely to be pushed and prodded into value production. The presence of competition is aimed at making us feel uncertain about what will happen, how […]

Secrets of Surveillance Capitalism

I am beginning to question whether this type of worry is towards the good or bad.

Perhaps we are just ‘stuck’ in a small conception of posssibility for what it is to be human.

I donno? 

What do you think? 

Governmental control is nothing compared to what Google is up to. The company is creating a wholly new genus of capitalism, a systemic coherent new logic of accumulation we should call surveillance capitalism. Is there nothing we can do?surveillance capitalism Source: Shoshana Zuboff: Secrets of Surveillance Capitalism

Oligarchy Disguised as Democracy

I am not convinced that we can diffuse the motion with the Internet: The Internet is a money-power machine upheld by moves for power. 

Here’s The repost: 

He who says organization, says oligarchy. So wrote German sociologist Robert Michels during the formation of Europe’s big tent ‘people’s parties’ a century ago. According to Michels—a committed realist, as we shall see—even the most radical and progressive of these new parties would eventually succumb to what he termed ‘the iron law of oligarchy’. Source: […]