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  • High Functioning Anxiety? Some philosophical notes of the modern Aria

    www.huffpost.com/entry/high-functioning-anxiety-signs_l_5cd42647e4b09f321bdcc6d0 I ponder why mental health as a topic has become so prominent in our experiential awareness, concern and vocabulary. From a philosophical perspective, it seems sensible. For, the prominent 20th century philosophy was existentialism, and thus is based in the preponderant existential anxiety. However, aside from the more obvious considerations where history makes sense […]

  • Philosophical Mental Health Contemplation of the Day, part one

    This is a philosophical contemplation of mental health, so it’s going to be a little longer than just a tip. Anxiety is probably the most foundational element of mental health. As the early investigators into psychic and mental phenomenon noted, there are really only two adverse mental phenomenon that we are really concerned with: to […]

  • Anxiety and the Common Cold

    Relating mental health physical health; anxiety is not the same as having a cold. … but our current psychological/scientific mental health paradigm would make us believe that it is similar. Fear and anxiety are often used somewhat interchangeably. Yet in psychological literature, They are not the same. The influential existentialist psychologist Rollo May asks the […]

  • It is Healthy for the World that the Humans Got Sick

    Pollution is going down. And now it appears that wildlife is doing better in the national parks that human beings are not visiting because they’re not allowed to. https://apple.news/AS6Et2Ar_TFmdPVRwXRIN7A Maybe this might allow human beings to have a new reflection upon who and what we are in the world. Maybe we can at least consider […]

  • Fear itself is is based in transcendence

    Feelings are about the body. They are immanent. Emotions are about reactivity. They direct or tend. Thoughts are about transcendence. While fear can be understood as an emotion, it is also able to be understood as something which affects an otherwise functional (efficient) system. Fear is that which creates dysfunction through making its agency appear […]

  • The Local Psyche Global. (Lacan part 2)

    Ok. The question on the table is two parts: If The modern world is really the unrecognized embodiment of the reflection of one’s self, which is the the factual state of individual alienation, then what does it even mean that the alienated self-reflection is looking at cars, trees, space, planets, stars, deers, etc….?  What does […]

  • The Gift

    on the non-fixity of world identity. It is not a definitive world by which reality is understood as a singular and fixed truththat is significant. The various opinions, attitudes and mentalities based in subjective meaning upon the stable ground of reality are not the issue.  Rather, it is the relationship that we have with […]

  • Anxiety and Addiction: A cypher of the real method. 

    — A Concept of Anxiety. (A nod to Soren’s genius.  With some Hegelian nonsense also 😛) Anxiety can be said to arise as a type of synthesis of thesis and anti-thesis. In very concrete terms the problem that exists between ‘I should do this but I can’t do this’. Anxiety arises as a third factor in […]

  • Post-post-modern-modernism: The Mistake of Irony; Or, The Ironic Mistake.

    Perhaps a little bitty on postmodernism and the, what could be labeled of our current situation, post-post-modern-modernism. Here are a couple links that roughly define the conventional problem I will address in this essay. The first is a little less ridiculous than than the second. The first offers us an argument for why postmodernism is […]